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User Manual

A user manual has been created to give an quick explanation of how to get started, some feature and commonly used terms.

This manual can be found in the Support sub-menu above, under 'manual', or by clicking here.

Kennisbank & Forums

Heel wat vragen die wij ontvangen hebben zijn reeds vroeger beantwoord. Ga naar de kennisbank via het zoekveld bovenaan deze pagina, of blader via de links in de zijbalk.

The user forums are also a valuable source of information as well as a place to voice your opinions and to discuss StatCounter.

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  • If you are already a StatCounter member, please submit a support ticket. (you will need to login, but we will be able to deal with your issue more efficiently, and link the ticket directly to your account.)

  • If you don't yet have a StatCounter account, or if cannot access your account, you may send an email support request using the web form.